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I have a strong connection with music education. Over the years, I've delivered lectures and developed curriculum on composition, music theory, and film scoring for various institutions such as Centro de Creadores Musicales and SAE Institute Mexico in Mexico City. Additionally, I've spoken about the intersection of music and film at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) and at conferences at events like Sound Check Mexico. Through these experiences, I've developed a personalized approach to comprehending the language of music and teaching music theory and composition.

The core of my approach revolves around understanding how musical language constructs discourse. This involves describing what is a musical idea, identifying the elements that can be involved in creating one, making a classification of these elements according to how they function within the music language, exploring the multiple ways in which these elements interact with each other, and understanding how to consciously develop musical ideas to construct pieces, songs or improvisations.

I've implemented this method in my instruction with private students, using it to create personalized approaches to suit their individual needs, knowledge and abilities, covering subjects like composition, music theory, piano, and guitar. My students have varied backgrounds, ranging from individuals with advanced music degrees to complete beginners. I firmly believe that one doesn't necessarily need extensive theoretical knowledge to create music; rather, there's a wealth of musical understanding within anyone who has spent years immersed in listening to music attentively. Music, along with the experiences and knowledge it brings, is something to be embraced, treasured, and shared.

Manuel Velázquez

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